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Mentoring: is it the silver bullet you imagine?

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Dave Hall and Emma Moore in a mentoring session.

Mentoring is gaining momentum as a professional development approach. The impact and value of mentorship exponentially increase when it becomes one of many tools in your development toolbox. Used in conjunction with other activities including, coaching, shadowing, peer to peer training and formal training, mentoring complements the more comprehensive approach to career mobility and learning and development.

Why you need to talk more about mental health

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Loveday, Martin & Louis with the Time to Change Pledge

Leading organisations across all sectors are putting mental health and wellness issues on the boardroom agenda. Mental health issues cost UK employers £45 billion, and more needs to be done to tackle the challenge in the workplace. The more conversations we have about mental health the more barriers we can break down – minimising the isolation, shame, and worthlessness too many of us feel when experiencing a mental health problem.

How to instigate changes at the end-user level

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ackers and end-users discussing the value of new application features.

We recapped the 3 solutions hackers created during the BPDTS Hackathon in December in our blog post ‘How to hack your way to the winner’s circle with co-creation’. This post explores why hackathons are becoming an increasingly popular way to instigate changes at the end-user level - in private, public and third sectors.

How to hack your way to the winner's circle with co-creation

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Three women hackers brainstorming about creating a skills matching application.

Crowdsourcing innovative solutions through hackathons, user-experience sessions, and customer feedback is driving success for many organisations. In December more than 50 people met in Manchester to attend a BPDTS Hackathon. Throughout the day, 3 teams worked diligently to support the hackathon's objective – how to improve the employee experience using the intranet as a platform.

Values; we are what we think

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Our Values

The celebration of World Values Day is something we should strive to do daily. Central to this year’s theme is wellbeing. Living our lives following our values is empowering. Our values represent who we are; they inspire and motivate us to do everything – right and wrong. It’s our values that define and shape us, and the world we live in.

The art of feedback: update from Loveday Ryder

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CEO, Loveday Ryder, shares her commitment to becoming a more authentic leader by embracing feedback. Changing the culture of a team, a department, or an organisation, requires everyone to work together openly and honestly. Real transformation is achievable through trust and purposeful, positive feedback every day.