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As part of DWP’s family, BPDTS creates secure and intuitive digital services to meet the needs of millions of people. Our vision is to take a truly people-centric approach to delivering digital solutions. We achieve this by developing talented, innovative people, who are empowered to deliver transformational results.

We’re a new digital technology company which has been set up to provide specialist digital technology services to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). The services we provide together are transforming digital experiences of millions of people as they look for work, deal with illness or disability, support children after separation, or plan for retirement.

Smarter working creates a better work life balance

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Work and family; work life balance

Smarter working practices help people perform at their best, be more productive, and generally, be happier. Working from home for much of the year opened many people’s eyes to the advantages of smarter working. Here are some of the ways BPDTS colleagues are utilising flexible working policies to improve their work-life balance. Many colleagues are converting time they might have spent on trains and motorways into activities to support their wellbeing, family, health, and even the NHS.

How to survive working from home with kids

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Lou Wilson Lee and her daughter

For working parents to continue to look after their families wellbeing, and stay as productive at work as they can do, they may need help and support from their broader company. BPDTS’s Smarter Working approach is designed to empower people to decide when and how best to work to meet personal and professional goals.

Tips on how to design good services

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Product Talk: Special with Lou Downe

As a core part of BPDTS's organisational culture, we’re creating an environment where learning is key to everything we do – where time spent working equals time spent learning. The BPDTS Product Talks provide an opportunity for people to learn as part of their continued personal development. In the latest Product Talk, we heard Lou Downe, former Director of Design and Service Standards for the UK Government (GDS), speak about service literacy. Keep reading to learn why good services are verbs, not nouns.