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Joe Tetley, IT Service Manager.

Joe Tetley

IT Service Manager, BPDTS

Joe works with the Request Fulfilment team as part of User Support Services. Joe also chairs the BPDTS Diversity and Inclusion working group.

We’re celebrating National Inclusion Week 

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At BPDTS, our people want to work in an inclusive environment where they feel safe and valued. Workplace inclusion helps grow our business and workforce, making people feel happier and more empowered. Throughout the week, BPDTS colleagues will celebrate what it means to feel included, both within the workplace and in our communities. What makes you feel included or excluded? 

LGBT+ History Month: my sense of Pride

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Joe Tetley, IT Service Manager, BPDTS

Embracing LGBT+ History Month helps everyone understand our past. With so much of LGBT history unrecorded, there is a real danger it gets lost, and we repeat the mistakes of our past. Unless you know where you've come from, it's tough to plan where you're going. This year, LGBT+ History Month has a theme of Poetry, Prose and Plays. IT Service Manager, Joe Tetley shares a powerful message about equality and inclusion.