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We’re celebrating National Inclusion Week 

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At BPDTS, our people want to work in an inclusive environment where they feel safe and valued. Workplace inclusion helps grow our business and workforce, making people feel happier and more empowered. Throughout the week, BPDTS colleagues will celebrate what it means to feel included, both within the workplace and in our communities. What makes you feel included or excluded? 

Career pathways: business analyst to product manager

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Pritesh Mistry, BPDTS Senior Product Manager

My product management journey began before joining BPDTS; I'd like to share how I transitioned my career from an accountant and business analyst to where I am today in product management. Starting a new position is always a hurdle; in my new role as a Senior Product Manager, the uncertainty around the pandemic meant I was stepping into an unknown, and it couldn't have been more exciting or satisfying.

How designing with policy creates better services

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Pete Bates

Pete Bates, a Content Designer at BPDTS, based in Newcastle, explains why designing with policy helps create better services. Part of Pete’s work is to ensure the service team with whom he works has the information they need. Asking the right questions, in a way that makes sense, improves the user journey by highlighting the essential information citizens need.

Life of a tech support manager in lockdown

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John Kiely, BPDTS End User Computing Associate

John Kiely, a BPDTS End User Computing Associate, based in Worcester, shares a snapshot of his experience supporting home-based colleagues throughout lockdown. Find out why John loves working in an ever-changing environment. Overcoming challenges, problem-solving, engaging with employees across the UK, is all part of the job.

5 reasons why 'done' is the most powerful word in Agile

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Chris Johnson, Senior Agile Delivery Manager at BPDTS

Getting to 'done' is a journey defined by how well a team works together and iterates. From process flows to collaboration, agile teams work towards a shared goal – 'done'. Learn why Chris Johnson, Senior Agile Delivery Manager at BPDTS, thinks 'done' is the most important, yet least understood word in Agile practice.