When I grow up, I want to be a STEM Ambassador

Dean Parry, Service Implementation Manager at BPDTS and STEM Ambassador

STEM Ambassadors offer their time and enthusiasm to help bring STEM subjects to life, demonstrating the value of them in life and careers. Dean Parry, Service Implementation Manager at BPDTS, is a STEM Ambassador. Dean’s volunteer work is igniting excitement in young people for all things STEM. Read Dean’s blog post to learn more.

International Women's Day: CEO, Loveday Ryder on all things being equal

Loveday Ryder

In the run-up to International Women's Day (March 8), we sat down with Loveday Ryder to talk about her journey as an engineer and CEO. "Talent is equally distributed across the genders," explains Loveday. "We want to be naturally inclusive – so equality of opportunity runs through everything we do."

How to get a grip on your career development

Sarah Walden, Associate Project Manager on the Special Projects Team at BPDTS.

Sarah Walden, Associate Project Manager on the Special Projects Team, put a plan in motion to further develop her skills in the delivery management space. Using a proactive strategy including, mentoring, shadowing, online training, and external courses, Sarah grabbed the wheel of her career, steering it towards a new destination. We get to learn more about Sarah's journey in our On the Spot interview.

LGBT+ History Month: my sense of Pride

Joe Tetley, IT Service Manager, BPDTS

Embracing LGBT+ History Month helps everyone understand our past. With so much of LGBT history unrecorded, there is a real danger it gets lost, and we repeat the mistakes of our past. Unless you know where you've come from, it's tough to plan where you're going. This year, LGBT+ History Month has a theme of Poetry, Prose and Plays. IT Service Manager, Joe Tetley shares a powerful message about equality and inclusion.

The beauty of storytelling and data visualisation

Jade Fryer, Senior Digital Performance Analyst, BPDTS pointing at post-it notes on a whiteboard.

Data motivates and supports transformation. First and third party data is vital to understanding the behaviours of an organisation’s target audience. Without data, organisations are gambling away their efforts. Putting the right metrics in place transcends silos, ensuring different teams and contributors are working towards the same objectives. In our On the Spot interview, we get to learn more about data visualisation from Senior Digital Performance Analyst, Jade Fryer.

Free to be LGBTQ+

Amy Cross, Senior Agile Delivery Manager, BPDTS

February marks LGBT History Month in the UK, a month of events celebrating the achievements of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people across the world. For Amy Cross, Senior Agile Delivery Manager at BPDTS, it represents a time of community, equality, and freedom. Continue reading to learn why it's so important to feel comfortable in your skin.

Reducing team conflict using self-reflection

Side shot of a technology professional putting a sticky note on a reflecitive glass wall. The concept of self-reflection coaching techniques is implied.

Surfacing issues, reaching consensus, and collaboration produce better solutions. It's fundamental for individuals to develop the skills they need to disagree productively. Self-reflection, conflict diagnosis, and empathy are effective techniques to help a team get back on track. In today's post, Agile coach, Steve Mounsey, discusses 2 self-reflection models to help teams work better together.

Mentoring: is it the silver bullet you imagine?

Dave Hall and Emma Moore in a mentoring session.

Mentoring is gaining momentum as a professional development approach. The impact and value of mentorship exponentially increase when it becomes one of many tools in your development toolbox. Used in conjunction with other activities including, coaching, shadowing, peer to peer training and formal training, mentoring complements the more comprehensive approach to career mobility and learning and development.