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Phil Middlemass

Philip Middlemass

Head of Practice, Product Design, BPDTS

Phil is a Creative Director with over 19 years’ experience in web and digital. He believes in an inclusive, accessible design. Where every user, regardless of ability or device, experiences delight using the web sites, applications, and digital platforms he creates without friction or hindrance.

Phil has extensive experience leading, directing, and delivering UX design, creative design, and front-end development services to nationally and internationally recognised brands such as; British Airways, Sage, IKEA, Tourism Australia, Cadbury, and Malmaison.

Phil loves working with clients and their customers, hosting design workshops, gathering requirements, performing customer research, and undertaking usability studies. He believes customer involvement throughout the design process is key to the success of any digital project. Understanding user motives and behaviours through research is the path to better products and solutions.

Don’t be arrogant, don’t make assumptions in user-centred design

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Philip Middlemass, Head of Practice, Product Design, BPDTS

If you’re involved in product design, please leave your assumptions at the door. Regardless of what role you play in the product lifecycle – a designer, front-end developer, or delivery manager, end-user research and experimentation have a role. Hypothesis driven design leads to better solutions – based on what users want, not what you think they need.