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Steve Mounsey

Delivery Manager and Agile Coach, BPDTS

Steve Mounsey is a Delivery Manager working in the BPDTS Delivery Practice. Steve is also a member of the Agile coaching team and is always searching for ways to improve how BPDTS delivers services. An avid speaker, Steve, presents at events throughout the United Kingdom.

Reducing team conflict using self-reflection

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Side shot of a technology professional putting a sticky note on a reflecitive glass wall. The concept of self-reflection coaching techniques is implied.

Surfacing issues, reaching consensus, and collaboration produce better solutions. It's fundamental for individuals to develop the skills they need to disagree productively. Self-reflection, conflict diagnosis, and empathy are effective techniques to help a team get back on track. In today's post, Agile coach, Steve Mounsey, discusses 2 self-reflection models to help teams work better together.

Why you need to manage conflict in agile teams

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Perplexed young woman looking at coworkers pointing fingers at her.

Conflict in agile teams is both good and bad. Dispute sparks healthy debate and flushes out valuable insight. However, when left unchecked, conflict can destroy a team, affecting productivity, success, and satisfaction. Agile Coach, Steve Mounsey, helps dysfunctional teams build conflict resolution skills by focussing on 3 areas – self-reflection, conflict diagnosis, and empathy. Please continue reading to learn why it’s critical to manage conflict in the workplace.