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About this blog

What BPDTS Ltd does

Part of the DWP family, we help to transform digital experiences of millions of people as they look for work, deal with illness or disability, support children after separation, or plan for retirement.

BPDTS Ltd works with the Department for Work and Pensions.

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About Our Insights Blog

At BPDTS, our principal asset is our people and we strive to support their development. To give you a more in-depth insight into what it’s like to work here, who we are, and what we do, we created the ‘Our Insights’ Blog.

The BPDTS blog features posts on key themes, trends, and industry practices. Our blog posts, written about and by the BPDTS community of talented and innovative technical professionals, cover four areas: our views, people, culture, and services – which include:

  • engineering and software testing
  • delivery management
  • technical architecture
  • IT service management
  • product design
  • data and analytics

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